Anotherandom is a compilation of visuals and writings about depression and anxiety. It’s not a narrow escape to atone for a missing foundation of positive self-esteem or coping mechanism, but to be aware of your feelings and emotions.

Apoh (Apohapoh) is a full-time tattoo artist and a part-time illustrator currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Born in February, she had always been inspired by a lot of fun music, quirky ideas, and influenced by all kinds of great people, to learn to embrace her own style of drawing as a proud creative Aquarius.

ASIAN_FOOD_DESIGN is a zine maker featuring Asian food illustrations. It was established by Takako Masuki, a graphic designer in 2017, based in Japan.
Bang Bang Zine (BBZ) is an independent zine brand and print publication that centres on the art of storytelling with illustration.  Founded in 2017, BBZ started with a zine initiative named  “Sketzine” together with a bunch of friends, which was inspired by the local-tea-drinking culture. To them, stories always matter. By making zines, they infuse various creative traits and explore the possibility of visual narration.
Specialised Bookstore for design books and magazines related to Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Art & Craft, Typography, and Photography.
Binatang Press is a small-scale independent publisher. Focusing in art and visual culture, they’re all about honest expressions, encouraging collaborators to voice out their observations and personal point of view.  Binatang Press is part of creative studio The 1984. Because of this background, they like to try different design and printing techniques to better represent their book titles.
Founded in 2011, Bogus actively does silkscreen and sewing based merchandise. Embracing the DIY culture, Bogus also runs a series of creative workshops (Bikin Sendiri Workshop) to educate and learn together with the community, as well as running their own brand under Kedai Bogus which aims to work together and collaborate with local artists, designers, musicians, local businesses and NGOs.
Carmen believes that beauty is whatever you want it to be. It’s in the moment when your favourite band’s song comes on just when you need a cry, when the first bite of your meal gives you that Ratatouille moment, or when the sky is that exact shade of cobalt blue that you love. She’s just a girl trying to translate whatever beauty is into tangible experiences. No aesthetic sense, no common sense, only Carmen Sense.
cloud projects is a maker and publisher of critical, intimate and beautiful projects. Based in Kuala Lumpur but with an eye towards the region, we excavate knowledge networks and forge worlds of possibility.

Clover Aureate is an experimental array of art works made by Nasuha Azman. Not bound to one medium, she is mostly known for her traditional ink works and photographs which has inspired 1 travel sketch zine and 3 botanical themed zines to date. Moving forward, she would dedicate and maintain to producing a booklet of her studies and current obsession each year.


Come Come Come is a loose collective comprising visual artist CC Kua, writer Ellen Lee, and graphic designer Kenta Chai. The collective is an impromptu effort created for KLABF2022. Through their many coincidental meetings at exhibition openings, they have discovered their shared appreciation for the lighthearted and frivolous while still taking their responsibilities seriously.
Cybercherryclub is an Instagram-based design account run by Seerat, a final-year graphic design student. Its creative output mainly includes posters inspired by movies, songs and life in general. Adopting a versatile and experimental style, cybercherryclub hopes to be a medium to express everything and anything through design.
Daily Report is zine reporting about their daily life in the studio, delivered in a casual style, serving as a visual exploration medium for their designers.  It’s a zine by and for a bunch of graphic geeks. Each section of the Daily Report comes with photos, illustrations, and fascinating information of their experiences.
def.Good is a ​​letterpress design studio from Kuala Lumpur. They believe in uniquely imperfect good is definitely good.
Draf. is the first independent Chinese architectural journalism in Malaysia, aiming to unveil hidden facts and new perspectives in the local architecture scene. Confronting a new era of diversity, their team is formed by young designers with architectural backgrounds practicing within and beyond the boundaries of the industry.

Ejin Sha is a graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur. Outside of her design practice, Ejin explores the intersection between imagination, memory and identity of a place, that transverse large-scale installations, interactive art and video art.

Fictionist Studio is an award-winning independent creative studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their practice is both design and art-led. They believe that this duality allows them to help brands stand out and thrive whilst championing originality to the best extent they can. 

Further Reading Press is an Indonesia-based, independent, multi-format publishing platform with a production and distribution unit. They seek to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring the wider contexts through various programmed experiences, such as online publication, printed periodicals, pop-ups, and residency on topics relevant to/within Southeast Asia as well as globally.

Gleam Pulp is a collective started by Singaporean based graphic designers @yolanda.pdf and @kool.type. The pair has evolved from an online lockdown friendship into one that shares an ever-growing interest in communicating their feelings visually through type, illustrations and bright compositions–embracing a practice of carefully recreating analogue techniques both physically and digitally.
Grafis Nusantara is a platform dedicated to archiving vintage Indonesian labels and stickers – presenting the archipelago’s lavish visuals and their significance as knowledge and reference materials. Grafis Nusantara caters as a space to give Indonesian vintage visuals chances to be appreciated
Founded in 2020, Hasuriso currently runs Riso workshops and offers Riso printing services by Jay Lim and Vivian Toh in Kuala Lumpur. Together they curate strong brand identities and packaging designs for all kinds of businesses. Later in their journey, they acquired their first Risograph machine in early 2020 and went on to set up a Riso printing division, Hasuriso within their studio.
Hole In The Wallis a Beijing/Tokyo/Hong Kong creative collective that records underground culture through interviews and illustrations. Largely inspired by the alternative music and art scene, they create zines, prints, wall murals and live drawing for experimental performances. They also organise creative events, workshops and zine markets within independent spaces across the cities.

Vanissa Foo is a Kuala Lumpur-based graphic designer and illustrator. She tells stories through the lens of “Humana”, a character of her own creation that allows her to freely explore the creative fantasies living in her mind. She is a firm believer that illustration is a powerful storytelling tool that presents no restraints; allowing her to give life to both the mundane and absurd of everyday life.

Huruf is a type and design collective that seeks to encourage awareness of and discourse on typography in Malaysia. Huruf has developed projects that investigate vernacular typography, local typographic heritage and multilingualism. Founded by Tan Sueh Li in 2017, Huruf has since grown to include an eclectic mix of creatives including Low Hsin Yin, Tan Zi Hao, David Ho Ming Aun, Fam Kai-Cong and Louie Lee Wei Yi.

Xin Wei is a drawer, writer, breakfast-devourer, book-reader, comic-read-aloud-er, casual movie-cryer, and messy human in general. She taught herself how to draw at the age of 6 because she wanted to create her own characters and draw pretty clothes she couldn’t afford. Her dream: to make books for children and adults alike. Her goal: to never grow up.

Ilham dari kakus (jamban), create #000000 & #FFFFFF visual.
Kamboja Press is a unit that focuses on the exploration of risograph printing methods through photography and the likes. Kamboja Press prints the products with soy-based inks on certified paper within the standards of sustainable forestry. By using certified paper, Kamboja Press wants to make sure that paper comes from responsibly managed forests where people, animals, and trees are all treated with the respect they deserve.
KLC signifying themselves onto Instagram through the username ‘Kuala Lumpur Ceria’, offers insights to what Kuala Lumpur is truly like as a city.
LibroArte, established in Tokyo in 2008, publishes a large number of books concerning photography. LibroArte takes particular interest in young photographers and supports them by publishing photobooks and presenting exhibitions of their photographs. In recent years, LibroArte has become an active participant in art book fairs held in Paris, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.
LIE is an acronym of Little Ideas Everyday, an independent graphic design studio based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2011, LIE works across a diverse range of visual communication projects and constantly practices and seeks fresh approaches for clients as well as self-initiated projects.
Riynn is a graphic designer who loves making art. Though new in this journey, he would love to spread warmth through his art and create illustrations that are relatable through his experiences. One of his favorite works is his Scotland Travel Zine. He was inspired by the architecture, people and food during his trip which he compiled everything he saw and experienced into a visual diary.
Maxx Loh is a graphic designer and self-taught photographer. His work often consists of elements from both of his backgrounds, revolving around his daily surrounding objects.
20 years of publishing Hong Kong visual culture, their books reflect the soul of a place and their stories capture the vanishing heritage.
MFYG Books as an informal initiative to consolidate and promote fashion-related independent publications concerned with building a sartorial identity for Singapore.
The Orbit is, above all, multidisciplinary. They’re a circuit that seeks to set in motion the exploration of different artforms; for alternative perspectives to come together within a communal ecosystem where creatives thrive and imagine beyond limits. From zines, to music, to performances, to mutual aid and more.
Penang City Eye was first published in May 2014 as a free independent magazine focusing on heritage, culture and arts, mainly in Mandarin with inserts of English content.The team also design & distribute publications and products.
Plates is an independent print journal that uses food as a conversation starter. An acquired taste, Plates is filled with long-form frontline stories, gathered from the field, and served on a small print run. Founded in Kuala Lumpur and sought out by changemakers in over 50 international cities, Plates is an IACP Food Travel Writing Awards nominee and has been featured on Monocle Radio and at Singapore Writers Festival.
Po Hung Design Lab is an illustrator and Graphic & Brand Designer based in Hong Kong. His works include art books, risograph prints and zines, and photography books.
Popa Nota is a paper engineering initiative by David Ho. His works feature a unique blend of graphic design and paper engineering, aiming to bring the joy and wonder of pop-up artistry to everyone.

Process Magazine is an independent print magazine that explores the creative processes of thinkers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We feel that it’s important to archive and document the body of work made by creatives around the region.

Putticoop engages in collaborative projects in architecture, arts, scenography and brand design.
Documentation on kitchen culture & design by @suppercepatdiadapat
Ross Du is an illustrator and graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. She draws vignettes inspired by color, history, and culture.

sankaku is an independent publication telling the stories of people, places, and products in Japan that are reimagining long-standing ways of making and living. Multicultural and multidisciplinary, the core team is based across Canada and Japan but united in their mission to shine a light on a different side of Japan.

Sherwan Rozan is a Graphic Artist based between Kuala Lumpur and his hometown Johor Bahru. He has worked in various industries such as e-commerce merchandising and fashion retailing before starting to pursue his art career back in 2015. Drawn to overlooked details in spaces, structures and objects that would otherwise seem mundane, Sherwan constructs them as his subjects in an almost compulsive manner to bring into being his own abstract interpretation.  

shuuhuahua is an artist, she articulates her idea, thoughts and stories through art, illustration and type. Her artworks are also known for their quirkiness and eccentricity. 

Shuren Press is an independent press, presenting new narratives from Malaysia.

sinθ (Sine Theta) is an international print creative arts magazine that connects and empowers members of the Sino diaspora. They take submissions of visual art and literature and feature interviews with established and rising creators alike in the magazine. Their project is part of a larger network building solidarity and community with diasporic and marginalized peoples.

Sojanggak, House of Small Books,  is an independent publisher and design studio based in South Korea, run by graphic designer Sungil Noh. He makes books during the day and studies the visual culture of Southeast Asian countries at night. He seeks out the people who are out of sight, pays attention to their unique cultures, and writes books about their beautiful stories.

Suburbia Projects is an architecture focused book retailer and publisher.

Sugee Wee is a tattooist who has a lot of fun creating imaginary worlds by 3D modelling. Her work consists mostly of 3D character design, and 3D illustrations.

The Slow Press (est. 2021) is an independent food magazine based in Singapore that is fixated on the rich stories behind what we eat. Through longform journalism, design, illustration, photography, and videography, the magazine seeks to bring Singapore’s vibrant food heritage to the foreground in an introspective, yet quirky and fun way.

Thing Books (est. 2021) is an online shop for books, zines & things by artists.  Dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the book as an artistic medium, Thing Books organises the annual Singapore Art Book Fair, and houses a catalogue of published print materials under the SG Art Book Library.

Founded in 2005, Thinking*Room is a branding and design company, helping brands grow with a clear voice, a lasting character, and a story worth telling. They believe that charmingly-executed ideas can drive opinions and even trigger mass movements. From a great idea, they play around across the different media, pushing the envelopes to get the right message across to the right people.

Tipong Pilipino is an incubator for Filipino typography and type design, exploring the intersections of type with culture, national identity and allowing locality to influence the practice. Its goal is to investigate typography remnants from the past, revive and develop them into digital typefaces.

Tokosue is a small bookshop selling local, mostly indie published books, zines and art & craft. Tokosue’s motto is “Nikmati Buku, Raikan Seni”. Tokosue is located in Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang and also at Shopee.

Two in Row is a risograph art book press that aims to support Thai illustrators.

Viko Zhijune & Hanayaro are visual art creators participating in an art book fair for the first time. From oil on canvas to limited edition artist books, they believe that the book format is complete and free to convey the ideas they want to express. Whether it is photography or painting, they explore their personal situation and emotions by using a piratical way to alleviate the impact of their own on social changes.

Wawanda “We Wonder” is a world for all kids and kids at heart. Landed in 2021 from outer space, the mission here is to present anything that evokes our wonder, whether it’s an egg, human or stars. Any object that seems dull can be resurrected into a new living thing, by observing, questioning and remixing.

Founded in 2018, Where’s Gut is a graphic design studio named after the studio’s cat, Gut which carries the meaning of luck & tangerine in Cantonese.

Yap Jiaern is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur. She shows her imaginary world through her creative works.

Your Local Newsstand is an independent publishing group based in Singapore specializing in producing and publishing photography based imprints. Their goal is to provide a platform for photographers to explore photography through the medium of zines and other printed matters.  

Zontiga is a film photography lab and photobook shop with a small exhibition space, nestled in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. Run by photography enthusiasts, Zontiga hopes to encourage Malaysians to embrace photography as an art form and means of expression through offering a space to learn, connect with others, and broaden their view of photography. 

Mossery is a stationery brand based in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia that makes customisable stationery products that spark joy in people’s lives, and to create designs that would help people to think, express, and plan better.

Based in Malaysia, De Carton creates innovative cardboard products with an environmentally-friendly concept in mind. They are a team with a passion for cardboard innovation and strive to create products that are recyclable, durable, and easy to assemble without tools; making them ideal for a mobile lifestyle.

RJ Paper is a paper & materials supplier based in Singapore, with offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. They offer a wide range of eco-friendly papers for a variety of uses including: packaging, publications, F & B, crafts, brochures, folders, and many more.